One of the most innovative of musicians to emerge in the 80's, Peter Frohmader's origins in music go back to the early 70's. He was in many bands during the Krautrock era, which included Alpha Centauri (1971, reputedly a radical avant-garde band), Electronic Delusion (1973, Tangerine Dream inspired electronic experimental), Kanaan (1975, jazz-rock electronic), and he also got involved with the new-wave. But Peter was a Krautrocker, so in 1979 Peter started two new projects: the hard-rock band CIA, and the experimental solo/group project Nekropolis, to do his music.His LP debut MUSIK AUS DEM SCHATTENREICH was quite extraordinary, aptly as dark and abstract as the sinister cover: a mysterious blend of electronics, guitars and percussives with rock aesthetics, a weird connection recalling early Cluster and esoteric Amon Düül 11. NEKROPOLIS 2 revealed a fascination with the music of Magma, especially the development of Jannick Top inspired bass guitar work, and in fact whole orchestras of bass guitars are used!Nekropolis often gigged as a proper band, in fact we learned recently that Nekropolis existed live as various incarnations since the 70's, but it wasn't until the 80's that they were documented on record, as on NEKROPOLIS LIVE, with a music mixing elements of Magma, King Crimson and acid Krautrock, close to Spacebox. This band toured and also played at a couple of festivals.Despite a diversion into Material-like electro-funk on the EP FORGOTTEN ENEMY most subsequent work has been almost purely electronic. Apart from continuing solo, Peter has also had other projects since the demise of the Nekropolis live band. In 1985 he played together with avant-garde drummer Andrea Centazzo, in 1986 he played numerous concerts with Andreas Merz (from Weltklang) and also with Iva Bittovä and Chris Karrer. In 1992 he established the free-rock psychedelic band Peter Strom, with the line-up of: Peter Frohmader (guitar, bass), Uwe Ruediger (drums) and Tobias Siegert (guitar, bass), though as yet only a demo tape exists. Currently, Peter is attempting to form another new band!(Crack in the Cosmic Egg)

live tracks 1979! excellent sound!

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