Fantasyy Factoryy

Paintings from inner space.

13,99 €


With their fifth regular release Fantasyy Factoryy embrace the long forgotten concept-album. It is based on the paintings of the legendary Seventies surrealist Helmut Wenske, who did the covers of Nektar (Sounds Like This, A Tab In The Ocean, Remember The Future, Recycled), Steel Mill, Orange Peel or Dzyan for example.

Alan Tepper composed the music for the pictures, which are depicted in a wonderful 8-page high quality digipack. There are six songs where Fantasyy Factoryy develop their authentic style, which is based in the Sixties/Seventies, – you can hear lots of guitar work, expressive vocals, powerhouse drumming, rocking organ riffs and melodic flute-playing.

Psychedelic Rock par excellence!

It’s their best up to date!

Digipak edition CD

ohrwaschl records OWR 011.